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HTC Touch

I’ve never really been one who has been on the relative forefront of the electronic communications industry, but as I watch The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, I felt the need to show off my new toy.

HTC Touch 
That’s right, my brand new HTC Touch featuring a Transformers background (I’m kinda geeky).

After stopping by my favourite Wireless Wave store (located at the Park Royal Centre – North Mall although a second location is also in the South Mall) to pick one up, I also signed up with Bell on a corporate plan (another first for me – previously had telus, ClearNet, and Rogers Mobility plans) with the addition of unlimited data to make my time with my phone all that more enjoyable.

Since bringing it home, it’s been somewhat of a tough go as this is by far the most complex telephone I’ve had to use since I can remember. Running off the Windows Mobile 6 platform does make the experience a little easier to follow, but does raise concerns inherent with most Microsoft products (especially considering the data aspect). Nonetheless, I am so far still enamoured with the phone and can’t see how I was able to function without something like this in the past. Well, not really, but still… having my calendar and all my contacts attached to the side of my belt has made life quite functional.

If there was one wish, I’d like to learn what more I can use this bad boy for. It seems that the few sites I’ve found that cater to Windows Mobile phones are either somewhat on the sketchy side, or require me to sell my unborn children for the ability to try the programs and addons out. Neither of these options seem all that suitable. I should also mention that I’m considering swapping this for the white version. Any thoughts?

I figure I’ll have this all to my liking or displeasure within a month and at that time will provide you my honest-to-goodness thoughts on the phone.

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  1. hey! long time no see!
    I happen to have the same phone. I just got it earlier this year. Where’d you get the transformers background? I have star wars up on mine right now.

    oh, the other thing too, is that i recently bought a t-shirt that said “left coast”.
    i thought of you. but of course, the words on my shirt were enclosed in an outline of the U.S. šŸ™‚

  2. Hey Jen! Yeah, definitely a “long time, no see.” In all honesty, I can’t remember where I got the transformers background, but now I’m gonna have to find it and send it your way.

    Left coast? SUH-weet. And I think I can live with the fact that your shirt has an outline of the US… we can’t expect to have it our way all the time up here.

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