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Leaving on a Jetplane

Having only travelled beyond the borders of the Great White North a handful of times (France and the United States for those keeping track), I’m quite the neophyte to international travel and I really shouldn’t count the US as I’ve only been as far south as Seattle (and that was only this last year). So as you can see, my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom is reason enough for me to dust off the site some and share the news with the whole world.

The Jolly Fisherman

So far, our itinerary has us traveling to Skegness to visit Marnie’s Grandma and a couple of nights in London. We’ve already booked our flights (British Airways direct to London), our train tickets (Kings Cross via Grantham to Skegness), and even booked our room in London on our return swing. What more do we need to do? I already picked up a dual converter kit to ensure that I don’t completely fry out my Macbook while I’m there, a hidden wallet to keep my passport and money under wraps, and a light bag for day trips (thank you MEC!) but I have no clue if there is anything I missing. Any ideas?

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  1. You need an umbrella – and a water proof jacket – trust me as a Scot in Vancouver, if you get caught in the rain in the morning, it will chill your bones allllllllllllll day!

    Also, just wear your best frown and look down as you walk and you’ll fit in with the Londoners!

  2. So the rain is different than the rain out here? 😀 Crazy stuff. I have the jacket covered though… but would have never thought to take an umbrella.

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