I would be lying if I thought the Canucks were going to win this one based on the result of the first period. Although they got a quick one past Kipper and did give me faith, the next three past Luongo laid siege to my dreams of an undefeated season post haste. Even Mitchell’s scrap with Iginla didn’t go so well, with a hard right from Iggy dropping Willie hard. And watching Bieksa fall awkwardly into the boards and then leave the ice in significant discomfort harkened back to last season where I was waiting for the call to dress on a makeshift defensive line.

But the team did not give up. They continued to hit anything that moved. They continued to stand up for each other. They continued to put the puck to the net. And even after tying the game at three’s, a quick go-ahead goal by Calgary didn’t keep the ‘nucks from pressing for a fourth to again tie the game up. It was a beautiful sight to see (as was Rypien’s scrap with Prust – Ryp was tossing consecutive right-lefts, I’ve never seen anything like that before). So it’s not a stretch to say how happy I was to see Demitra to score the winner in OT.

It may not have been as pretty as the first game, but I won’t hold it against them.