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Having some spare time up on the Sunshine Coast visiting Marnie’s family, I was afforded the opportunity to try and figure out what was causing some of the ills here at LCBD.

The first problem seemed to be related to my use of ALLCAPS and the WP-Typogrify plugin. It appears that regardless of where the ALLCAPS content was found, the plugin was kind enough to insert which played havoc when I used them in titles, categories, and other such stuff. I’d like to think there is a way for me to fix this problem, but considering I have yet to figure out how to code by numbers (just like paint by numbers), it just wasn’t going to happen.

The other issue was related to the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin somehow not playing nicely with the feed on my site. I have no clue what was creating the problem or why it suddenly appeared, but in disabling the plugin, problem solved.

So there you have it. Something I could have fixed within minutes if I had only just thought it through. Go figure.

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  1. Strange, I’m still not getting any updates in my Bloglines feedreader… I honestly didn’t know you had updated!

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