For those that stop by outside of a feedreader, you will have noticed that I have moved away from the Rajbot theme that Jonic was kind enough to produce for me and have taken over the Pixeled theme coded up by samk.

The primary reason for the switch to was to ascertain if my recent feed problems (which were really not solved) were related to some outdated coding in Rajbot. I figured that with the recent changes to WordPress, that there may have been been a gremlin or two under the hood. I also figured that I would break two things for every one I fixed, so the easier solution seemed to be switching to a more recent theme. Anywho, it didn’t fix the problem after all so I simply disabled the FeedSmith plugin altogether.

I was going to switch back to Rajbot, but Pixeled had caught my eye and after it took me out for a drink at Starbucks, how could I say no? Anywho, I’ll keep the theme as my flavour of the season.

And because I may have caught a reader or two who was looking for David Bowie, here’s a video to tide you by.