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One of the things I find rough about Mondays, is that there’s always the feeling that you’re missing something – like vowels. However, it would be tough to remember how to spell without them, so I gave up after the title and decided to talk straight.

After watching the storybook ending Sundin provided to us Canucks fans on Saturday, it became clear to me that had I been at the game, I would have likely filed it off as one to remember. Heck, having not been at the game I probably would have to file it off as one to remember so long as I don’t recall anything prior to the shootout. Anywho, having been a fan for many years, there are only a handful of games that I truly remember.

The first game I remember, albeit vaguely, is one my Mom took me to at the Pacific Coliseum where the Canucks beat the Washington Capitals four buzz. She had purchased the tickets through Shoppers, or Woodwards, or something like for my birthday and as my Dad was working, she escorted me to the game. Although it may have been the win that introduced me to the bandwagon, I was an instant fan.

The second most memorable game is Game 7 against the Flames in 1994. I watched the game at a buddies house (being his birthday and all it seemed like the right thing) and after thinking that Calgary was going to pull it out, saw Kirk make the save. Then in overtime, Brown to Bure and pandemonium. I nearly lost my eye in the celebration – took a finger/hand/fist in the right one and couldn’t see straight for days. That win set forth my most memorable post-season play for the Canucks – and anyone near the corner of Robson and Burrard after they lost to the Rangers.

Next on the list would be the penultimate game of the 2001 regular season where the Canucks beat the Kings in overtime to clinch a playoff birth. Earlier that season, my Dad had purchased tickets for the game at a steep discount (wasn’t hard coming off the Keenan years) and didn’t think much of it. Well, when game day finally rolled around and it was pointed out that the Canucks would clinch if they were to win, GM Place was a rocking. And by this, I mean ear drum shattering pain rocking. I literally had chills at the noise level – something I never thought I would see replicated.

Problem is, I spoke too soon.

I had the fortune of going to Game 1 against Dallas back in 2007. Having been to a number of Canucks games over the years, this was the first game where I and nearly every other fan was seated almost an hour before the game – remember, in Vancouver it almost seems like good etiquette for fans to arrive halfway through the first period. Not only did everyone seem to be there, but the Go Canucks Go chant began before John Ashbridge had introduced the starting lineups. And it didn’t stop. The noise level when the Canucks came on to the ice was unbelievable. Anyone and everyone was screaming – if you weren’t, you were simply catching your breath to scream some more.

And then there was the game itself.

The Canucks came out as if Dallas was a can opener and left some whoop ass on the ice. They went up quick to a two buzz lead. Unfortunately, the Stars had Turco between the pipes and soon the Canucks became Turco’d. In fact, it seemed that with every “Turco, You Suck!” chant the Stars would score after Turco made a stellar save. Fortunately, the ‘nucks were able to hold things together and got the game to OT. The first couple of OT periods were reason enough to take up illicit drugs to maintain your anxiety levels. Both teams had opportunities on the power play, but neither could capitalize. Then the third overtime period came and went and it seemed as if this was the game that would never end. So when Danny scored the winner in seventh period, there was a delayed reaction before the excitement returned. Even only three quarters full, GM Place was rocking – and at half passed one too boot. And Chris had himself his most memorable experience with the Canucks.

So what about you? What are your most memorable experiences, so far?

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  1. Design Inspiration

    April 17, 2009 — 8:08 pm

    I haven’t really gotten into hockey, but it’s a fun sport to play, but I don’t get very interested in watching. I wouldn’t be able to say I have a memorable experience with this.

  2. Thanks for swinging by Jared! I think the only reason I’m into hockey as much as I am is due to my Dad playing hockey and such when I was growing up. Mind you, never actually learned how to skate myself.. but liked the game nonetheless.

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