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The Winding Down of Silly Season

With the NHL trade deadline only 30 hours away, it has been quiet on the player transaction front – I would say unusually quiet, but I don’t have any stats to back that statement up. Aside from a few minor trades, the silly season has yet to begin.

Retooling - February 27, 08

Retooling – courtesy of ThrasherDave

I have found in recent years that the NHL Trade Deadline has the same effect Christmas Day has on me. I get all excited for the festivities and the many possibilities that exist during that time of year, but when it’s all said and done, I’m left thinking that somehow it wasn’t all like I imagined. Some years are good (1991 if you were a Canucks fan) while others, not so much. And on a larger scale, just like Christmas, some people/teams overspend for the sake of having a good time, while others give more than they receive.

So how about this year? I’m thinking with the uncertainty of the future, many teams have been holding off on getting that big ticket purchase for fear they have buyers regret after a few weeks. Furthermore, I’m also thinking that those who are in the market as sellers are likely looking for the moon for the same reason – not wanting to regret giving away that sentimental item. So as fans, we sit and wait. And think of what we want and what we would be willing to give away.

When it comes to the Canucks, I’m actually of the opinion that less is better. Having watched the future be mortgaged in the pass with very little return, I’m reticent to see more draft picks or prospects lost for rental players, or those where after kicking the tires, we sell off as scrap. I’m also not like others who think we should trade Ohlie, Danny, Hank, or Burr for fear we lose them without anything in return. If the Canucks are to be true playoff contenders, how do you lose Ohlie’s clutch playoff play and Burr’s grit? True the Sedins have yet to prove they can handle the pressure of the post-season, but then how do you replace their regular season output? EX-actly.

I’ve expressed my previous opinion that the Canucks should do what they can to sign Burrows, while I’m resigned to the fact that Ohlund is gone. I’m hoping the Canucks can sign the Sedins, but with the possibility of them leaving, the only thing I ask for is a prudent silly season where the Canucks exhibit responsibility – especially considering the team needs to not only stay competitive, but keep the cash available for Louie’s contract extension next year.

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  1. Daydreamz.net sent me!

    I don’t know too much about the inside story of hockey or the players but I do enjoy watching it. I’m sorry that the trading didn’t go exactly as you were hoping, but hopefully the upcoming season doesn’t disappoint you.

  2. I’m glad they extended Burrows.

    By the way, I just wanted to say that I am PISSED about the line A/V put out last night for the 3 on 3.. that was weak. WEAK!

  3. Caity: Thank you for stopping by. I don’t think I’ll ever get everything I want at the trade deadline, but I am quite happy as to how the season is panning out.

    Allie: Yeah, the first line out for the 3v3 wasn’t the best – I would have rather seen 3 forwards.

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