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Molson’s 2010 Mural Project

Occasionally on my commute home from work to Richmond, instead of heading down Granville, I swing westward along Burrard St. and past the Molson Brewery. An icon that has been part of the Kitsilano skyline for some time, I noticed a while back that white banners with pictures had been hung on the side of the building. Not really knowing what it was, I simply filed it under the “things that make you hmmm..” category and continued to drive on.

2010MolsonMural Launch

2010 Mural Project Banner – courtesy of Rebecca Bollwitt

Well after following @MolsonFerg on twitter, I discovered that it was actually going to be “one of the largest ever photo mosaic constructed in Canada” and Molson was looking for people like me to submit pictures to contribute to it’s success.

So being the swell guy I am, I headed to Molson Canadian 2010 Mural Project to sign-up and and submit my mug for consideration. Although I have yet to hear back (likely due to the fact I failed to update my Molson Insider email address – it still had my way old telus.net one), I don’t think my picture was up to snuff as I noticed someone standing in the background. Why is that a problem you ask? Well that’s because there are some rules silly:

  1. Must be a JPEG.
  2. A large image with only you in it – no one else in the background.
  3. Needs to be a profile/headshot.
  4. No logos, signs, gang signs, obscene content.
  5. No drinking scenes.
  6. You’re supposed to have your game face on.

So there you go. I’m still hoping that it’s just taking a long time for my picture to be accepted, but considering I think I broke rule number two (seriously, she’s like in the way and everything and I didn’t notice her standing there) I’m doubtful my picture will make it to the banner. But what’s stopping your mug from gracing the Kitsilano skyline? That’s right. Nothing. Head over to the Mural Project and sign-up. And once you’re up there, stop by and let me know so I can at least say I know someone up there.

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  1. Chris…thanks so much for this post…and for spreading the word about posting pics for the 2010muralproject.ca. The whole team at Molson and Molson Canadian are excited about reaching out and getting as many Canadians as possible to participate in this unique tribute to the games and our aspiring Canadian atheltes. On the “approval side”, I’ll forward this to the team and make sure you understand the status. You might have to submit something that is just you in the pic. Cheers @MolsonFerg

  2. Hi Chris. Netchick sent me over to visit.

    This is a great idea. I’ve long felt that I needed to have my face in Canada. Molson is the perfect way to get there. Thanks! It’s nice that Mr Devins up there is facilitating your entry too. I guess you’ll have to submit a new picture though.

  3. Hey Chris, here from Netchick… No drinking scenes, I would have thought they would have wanted a mug of me with a bottle of Molson raised to my lips!

  4. Hey Chris! Thanks for your comment on my blog. That photo is rockin, as is your theme! The wife and I like your blog!

    Thomas 🙂

  5. hey thanks for the visit

  6. Although the stats may have been bumped up by Netchick’s meet and greet, I’m happy that many of you found your way here to comment!

    Ferg: Thank you for stopping by. As I mentioned through tweets sent your way, I’m pretty sure it would have been rejected regardless of my out-of-date email problems. I’ll just take another soon and resubmit.

    Utenzi: Thanks for stopping by! One of the things I’ve noticed from my experience on twitter is that some companies (such as Molson) have really embraced the social media medium well.

    Sage: Thanks for swinging through! Yeah, seems odd, huh? But maybe it has something to do with advertising rules/law/stuff?

    Thomas: No problem and thanks for the return visit! Miss604 (Rebecca) is usually the first person I cyberstalk when I need decent pictures from around the Lower Mainland – she should get all the credit!

    David: You’re welcome and thanks for returning the favour!

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