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Blogathon 2009

If you haven’t already heard, 25Jul is the start of Vancouver Blogathon 2009. Spearheaded by Rebecca of Miss 604 fame and participated in by many others, it gives bloggers a chance to make a difference. The premise is committing to a 24 hour power session where you post every 30 minutes in an effort to raise money for a cause of your choice.


After enjoying the many people who participated last year, I had made a promise to myself that when the time were to come around again, I would throw my name into the hat and support a cause. But when I heard the date happened to be the same day I take possession of my new place, I figured I had to skip out (seriously – how would I explain to Marnie that I couldn’t help move?!). So instead, I plan to support those who do participate!

If you think you’re interested in joining the event but don’t have a blog, feel free to talk to me about guest posting here. Or better yet, visit @bluefur on twitter as he might be able to hook you up with your very own blog for the Blogathon. You also can head over to wordpress.com and setup one there too. Entirely up to you. Or be like me and support someone else like Rebecca, Aidan, or Duane.

It’s the least we all can do.

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  1. Hello, NetChick sent me!

    So that’s what this is about. I donated $100 to Shane Gibson for the Vancouver Foodbank for this.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Ronald!

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