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Jonesing for some Hockey

The last time I was seriously jonesing for some hockey was 11May. It was do or die time for the Canucks and even though I was up in Sechelt for a book signing, I did my part by ensuring the LBP was present for the Canucks FanZone Live Blog to fire up fans of the team in Green and Blue.

Canucks FanZone Live Blog Mods

Christopher Golden aka “Live Blog Player” – the guy on the left

Heck, even Shane O’Brien showed up on the scoresheet with his first goal of the season. However, it seems that simply showing up wasn’t enough as the Canucks lost a close one 7-5 (close in a manner of speaking).

Now unlike some other hockey fans out there in world, I love the game but love my team more. I took the loss so hard that I found myself skipping past hockey if something else caught my eye, like reruns of The A-Team (which I will have you know is being remade into a movie and being filmed in Vancouver). Seriously, it was that bad. Even though others found it fantastic that the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup, or thought it was cool that Sidney “QQ” Crosby was the youngest captain to ever hoist the holy grail over his head, I simply grumbled about when the next season was to start and began the analyze how the lineup would pan out.

But alas the summer heat has baked away the pain and as we transition into September, I only have one thing on my mind:


So here I sit. Psyched. Fired up. I’m Jonesing for some Hockey. And I know you are too. With the Sedins locked down for a few and Luongo for just a few more, with the additions of Ehrhoff, Schneider, Raycroft, and others, and with some passion, we’re in for a FAN-tacular season.

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  1. The jonesing feeling is addictive, I find myself trying to find highlights of prospect training sessions and scrimmages! Can’t wait for puck drop
    .-= BLOGTROT´s latest blog post: Have Vampire. Will Travel. =-.

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