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The Therapeutic Steveston Lifestyle

When Marnie and I moved to Steveston, never did I imagine that the “Steveston Lifestyle” would be therapeutic.

View of Mount Baker

Mt. Baker from Steveston – courtesy of Stephen Rees

Since arriving in July, I’ve found my stress level has dropped. If my mind is all wound-up or the blood is pumping, I simply look out my window and see Mt. Baker. Or if I’m fired up enough to be shaking, I put on the shoes and head out for a quick walk and *poof*, everything is better. I kid you not. Heck, I just watched the Canucks stink to high-hell, Shane O’Brien get the third star in a loss (if that’s not a sign of how bad the game was, I don’t know what else would be), and I’m smiling.

So I ask you this; how can you beat this lifestyle? How can you beat walking down to the river to watch a tug glide out to sea? How can you beat returning the smiles of passers by as you walk lazily down the dyke? Exactly.

Typed as I head out the door for some serious therapy. Steveston style.

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  1. I like where I am but Steveston will always be my hometown because it was/is so layed back..

    I miss hearing the fishing boats horns early in the morning, and the 15 min walk to the dyke from my old place.

    If I had the mola I’d soooo move back.
    .-= Kimm´s latest blog post: Farewell Midwest, Hello Westcoast =-.

    • I think you and I still miss the same things. You don’t hear the fishing boat horns anymore, you don’t smell the air when the cannery doors are open (considering the cannery is now gone), you don’t see such hustle and bustle down at the pier. That part is kinda sad. But the new Steveston is just as nice. It’s just a different kind of nice.

  2. Indeed this is a very good post. It’s a good life in Steveston, very much.

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