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Flag Walk

Canada flag / Flag Walk on Granville (Vancouver)

Oh Canada – courtesy of wynlok

While driving in to work today, Marnie and I noticed what appeared to be flags of different countries painted on the sidewalk of Granville St. stretching from 16th Ave. W. down to the Granville Bridge.

My first thought of the flags was some form of Olympics celebration, but found it odd that there were no banners or signage supporting the initiative. My second guess was some form of ambush marketing, but it still made very little sense as there was no further supporting info (although a marketing campaign like this would have been good for United Colours of Benetton).

Well, I was wrong on both accounts.

The flags, or decals as they are called, are the result of a community partnership between the Yaletown Business Improvement Association and the South Granville Business Improvement Association. The route of the Flag Walk stretches from BC Place Stadium right up the South Granville Rise and with close to 450 decals, nearly 80 different nations are represented:

FlagWalk is the creation of a unique walking route connecting Yaletown and South Granville, two of Vancouver’s truly unique neighbourhoods. The FlagWalk pathway spans a total distance of 3.74 kms and features the flags of countries participating in the 2010 Winter Games.

I personally think the idea is quite unique, and if you’re into contests, you can follow along with the Vancouver Sun in an effort to win a trip for two around the world.

If you want to learn more, you can hit up the official Flag Walk website, head over to the blog or follow the group on twitter.

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  1. Highly unusual. A great idea. NetChick sent me here.
    .-= Jean-Luc Picard´s latest blog post: TWQ: Best Movies Of The 21st Century =-.

  2. It’s an original idea.. I like it.

    It’s true. The practical gifts are which like the most, because at the end the more material things end unused almost always.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    – Laura

    • Agreed! My fiancee and I were commenting on how we’re the practical aunt and uncle when it comes to gift giving to our nephew just the other night. Plus I find that a more practical gift keeps giving over and over, while the material ones tend to fade away.

  3. The decals have been on the streets for almost one month now. Thank you for your interest and publishing the article. What do you like about the Falgwalk? Where did you see the decals first? Do you know all the countries?
    Send us your opinion, pictures or videos of the Flagwalk! We are delighted about your activity!
    Post on our facebook, blog or tweet about it! Follow us to the Olympic Games!

    • So many questions, where do I start?!

      I like the concept of the Flag Walk, although would hope that what Teresa says about the decals peeling is being dealt with. That said, it’s definitely a novel idea which would attract people like me who’d want to see where the flags were taking me.
      I first noticed the decals on my drive into work. As I normally take the Canada Line downtown, it was simply a random “Chris slept in, OMG!” day that had me driving in. This should explain why I only just noticed them recently, instead of the month back you say there were placed.
      Do I know all the countries? Heck no. Are you challenging me to walk the route and name ’em?

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog 🙂 I’m in love with those cypher glasses too. And I’ll probably be the only one to appreciate it among my friends lol but that Industrial Designer is very smart.

    The flag walk is a unique idea but wondering if incoming Olympic tourists would appreciate it as much…as they’ll probably think it was there for awhile. Think it would fun (probably more organization) to promote it to the Olympic athletes as a way to encourage them to discover the city in between competition

    • The cipher glasses would just totally suit me – in fact, I think if you were to ask any of my friends who would have glasses like those, it’d be me.

      I’m not sure if the Flag Walk was necessarily meant to attract the tourists from abroad. In all likelihood, it was probably meant to attract more of the local “stay at home” tourists that shop the South Granville Rise or through the streets of Yaletown.

  5. hey Chris thx for your comment on my blog! i work in yaletown so i’ve also seen these decals around – they’re pretty cute although some of them are peeling already.

    Re – Charlie Brown Wellwood’s picture – yes that’ such a bad picture of him. please note he is NOT considered a Hump Day Hunk on It’s a Beautiful Life – he’s only there be default b/c my Dimples (Aka Mason) looks so damn good and I didn’t crop Welly (fatty) out.

    on the other hand, the loss last night to the ducks was not so cute.

    • I have yet to actually “walk the walk,” so what I’ve seen is from the drivers seat of my car. Peeling you say? That’s definitely no good. And sure you don’t think Wellfed’s a Hump Day Hunk. Uh-huh.. I believe you.

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