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Death to Wooo!


No Wooo! Allowed – courtesy of VancityAllie

For those of you who follow me on twitter, or listen to me rant in the Canucks FanZone LiveBlog, you’ll likely know a few pet peeves of mine:

  1. I hate Chris Pronger.
  2. I hate Shane O’Brien.
  3. For effect, I hate Chris Pronger twice.
  4. I poke quite a bit of fun at Sami Salo.
  5. And I ain’t down with this “Wooo!” phenomenon after every Canucks goal.

What’s got my Canucks jersey in a knot is the fifth point.

It seems that DJ Dave, who’s usually spot on as the Canucks official game-day DJ, decided to play a David Lee Roth sound clip after a goal. Seeing the “allegedly” instant appeal from the “lower bowl” fans, he has played it after every Canucks goal since. I will admit that I thought it was a nice idea at first, but then spent a few seconds thinking and found myself completely against it.

First, Carolina already has the “Wooo!” chant going for them and I can’t support anything that comes from a non-traditional US hockey market. Second, it has spawned a chorus from the “Wooo!”-birds who think that simply shouting it out at any moment in the game is actually a good thing. Seriously – it goes like this:

  • Canucks score – Wooo!
  • Canucks touch the puck – Wooo!
  • The referee blows his whistle – Wooo!
  • Someone wins the 50/50 – Wooo!
  • The guy at the hotdog stand roasts a mean frank – Wooo!
  • There’s still paper towel in the washroom – Wooo!

See why I hate it?

Now it appears that support of the anti-“Wooo!” movement is pretty thin. Brian has expressed his dislike, and a few people in the twitterverse are also in favour of culling the “Wooo!”-birds, but for every one of us, there’s a Trevor or Derek who drink the Kool-aid and support the “Wooo!”

So I urge you – fight the establishment and bring down the “Wooo!” Talk to your MLA or MP. Sign a petition. Picket outside GM Place. Remember, it’s for a better and just cause!

Slash rant.

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  1. As you probably know from reading my tweets, I also fully support the anti-Woo movement. It's not so much the post-goal woo that grinds my gears . . . it's the woo-birds. They sound like sad puppies . . . or a desparate plea for attention. Oh wait, I guess those are one in the same. Anyhoo, down with the woo!

  2. MAC likes this. Though he also appreciates DJ Dave and the Wooo, and Gimlit Manitoba

  3. Woo! 😉

  4. Agreed…Thousands of idiot “Woo Birds” chirping it for the entire game.I have surround sound at home — the woos coming from all corners freaked out my dog.KILL THE WOO!

  5. I agree. The woo is nice after a goal, but not after trivial moments like Daniel Sedin taking a gatorade drink.

  6. I agree. The wooo thing is idiotic. Losers do it throughout the games now. The best part about this extended road trip is that we don't have to hear it for a while. At least that was what I thought until I heard Boston fans doing the same thing. If this continues, I'm going to ram a screwdriver into my ears and permanently disable my hearing.

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