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The Best Location to Enjoy the Canucks

Okay, before we get started, I should say that I must disqualify GM Place as the best location to enjoy the Canucks. Why you ask? Well, it’s not like we can just decide to show up and get ourselves a ticket. But now that that has been taken care of, let’s continue with our regularly scheduled blog post.

Over the course of your average Canucks season, I find myself taking in the games from a comfortable seat in the confines of my home. You see, Marnie typically works a different schedule than I do and most of my friends don’t care if they catch the game or not. So I stick close to the fridge and ensure that the beer is plentiful (even moreso if the eye-stabbing trapping bastard Lemaire happens to be coaching the opposition). Although the trappings of home are under my complete and utter control, I don’t have any ability to magically create the buzz & banter that friends, acquaintances, and randoms provide and therefore it’s not always rainbows and sunshine.

So if home isn’t where the fan is, what do I feel my best option is?


Tweetup at the Lamplighter – with a side of The Green Men

The Canucks Official Tweet-up:
Having been to three of the four official Canucks FanZone Tweet-ups this season (the pre-season one conflicted with work unfortunately), I have to say that I’ve enjoyed each one. Whether it’s a chance to hang out with the famous Richard (@mozy19), chatting both Canucks and BC Lions with Brian (@CanucksCorner), getting both abused, but then a ride a home afterwards from Claudine (@claudgrrl), or anyone and anything else that I’ve left out, it sure beats anything that sitting at home watching the game can provide. But what’s a recommendation without an unbiased view of the pros and cons?

  • Pro: There’s always a fanatical group of people who love what you love.
  • Pro: Nearly everyone there hates the Keenan years as much as you do.
  • Pro: The Green Men might show up.
  • Pro: Sweet prizes are always available – even if Richard cheats you out of the womens shirt.
  • Pro: Better supply of food and booze.
  • Pro: More chic to talk to other people than yourself about the halcyon days of Linden, McLean, Ronning & Bure.
  • Con: Sometimes the venue *coughcoughhackPlayersChophousehackwheezecough* isn’t really suited for a rowdy bunch of fans.
  • Con: There’s always a loser who thinks the Leafs are a better team somewhere in the bar/restaurant/lounge.
  • Pro: Someone is probably beating the crap out of that Leafs fan right about now.
  • Con: People now understand that your twitter avatar has been photoshopped.
  • Pro: There’s enough beer to fix that avatar photoshop problem by the end of the night.

So there you have it, my premiere place to enjoy the Canucks. But what I’m interested in is where you think the best place is. Is it the Canucks bar in a far off city? Is it with a bunch of friends? Is it on your own? Tell me – just remember to support your opinion ’cause.. well.. just because.

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  1. LMFAO “Con: People now understand that your twitter avatar has been photoshopped.”

  2. If I have the money, I'll go to a (football) game but most of the time I'd rather watch it at home (no line ups, and dealing with parking) though hanging out with friends and watching the game is always fun. You may LOVE your canucks but I LOVE my football..

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