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Olympic Torch in Richmond


If you haven’t heard, the Olympic Torch is making it’s way through Richmond later today.

Arriving around 5:00p after going through the Massey Tunnel (no word if the counterflow lane will be used), the torch will pass through Richmond winding through the city from Ironwood all the way to Richmond City Centre. With the torch passed to different relay runners every 300 metres, there will be scheduled celebration stops at South Arm, Steveston, West Richmond and Thompson Community Centres before it finds it’s way to the hands of Rick Hansen in the Richmond O Zone (if you’re interested in the exact route, head here).

Once there, the party will begin to get amped up with the lighting of the community cauldron and fireworks. But if you are like me, and arrive earlier than the torch itself, you’ll be able to enjoy entertainment from the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus Association, Delhi 2 Dublin, Shanna Lynn, Danielle Hebert and Freshh (these kids can sure dance!). There will also be roving entertainers to keep everyone happy until the big event.

Normally I’d shy away from events like these, but it’s not every day that the Olympic Torch passes through your city. So if you have time on your hands, and happen to be passing through Richmond, why not join me by stopping by and getting your party on?

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  1. I saw it when it went by my moms office, I was gonna head into Richmond and watch it again but wasn't really in the mood to battle traffic just to see it for a few minutes and or battle my way around the Ozone. I went to school with Shanna Lynn 🙂

    • Yeah, traffic would have been rough and fighting the crowds is never fun, but it's one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” things that I didn't want to miss out on.

  2. Got my Party on in Abbotscow on Sunday… GO Canada!

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