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Happy Flag Day!

Today is National Flag of Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Canadian Flag – courtesy of Our Enchanted Garden

Commemorating the inauguration of our current Canadian flag in 1965 by Governor General Georges Vanier, February 15th is celebrated as National Flag of Canada Day. So on the day after the first gold medal won on Canadian soil, what a wonderful time to be celebrating what it is to be Canadian during the 2010 Winter Games.

And on an unrelated sidenote, it’s my 32nd birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

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  1. The Canadian flag is beautiful. I remember when they changed it to the maple leaf and I am glad they did. They are putting on a spectucular Olympics. I am proud to be their neighbor. Way to go Canada!

    • Thanks for stopping by Marilyn and glad to hear that someone outside of Canada is enjoying the Olympics. Much of what we hear about in our local news media is how some of the foreign news media are portraying this as the worst Olympics ever.Canada could get a complex from that sort of talk.

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