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Tonight – Hockey Tweetup at MolsonCoors Brewery

Early this month, MolsonCoors opened up it’s doors to a number of people involved in the Vancouver social media scene (being pretty involved in the social media scene themselves), as well as some rabid sports fans to take in the Canada/Norway men’s hockey game. I did have a chance to go, but as I was taking in men’s and women’s curling that day, had to opt out. Apparently fun was had by all and I missed out.

Watching Olympic Hockey at the Molson Brewery

Is this guy legal? – courtesy of John Biehler

So when I saw a tweet from Ferg Devins (@MolsonFerg) asking if there was interest in attending a tweetup for tonight’s bronze medal game between Finland and Slovakia, I nearly broke my phone tweeting him back to advise of my interest.

Fortunately, Ferg did receive my message and I’m happy to say I’ll be there tonight. If you’re going, track me down – the real name is Chris and on twitter y’all know me as @lyteforce.

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  1. That picture is a fraud….Mozy doesn't drink!

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