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Cement Pole 1 – Car 0

Last night when Marnie was heading out to the to grocery store, she encountered a driver who thought offensive driving in an underground parkade was the hip thing to do. Being the nice woman she is, Marnie chose to take the defensive tack and avoided a collision with the other car by clipping a cement pole. So instead of a possible collision that someone else could have been at fault for, Marnie has been determined at fault for the interaction with the pole – at least from what ICBC says (I think the pole had it coming).

Cement Pole 1 - Car 0

Car gots an owwie!

Thankfully, Marnie is alright. That’s what I’m most concerned about. Sure I was upset that the car got itself all scraped up, but I was pleased that Marnie didn’t get hurt in the mess (although she was a little shaken afterwards). So all-in-all, things are not that bad.

As I wait to hear back from Kirmac Collision about getting the car repaired, I present you the following:

  • My collision deductible is $500 – FAIL
  • I have depreciation insurance which will reimburse $250 of that deductible – WIN
  • My insurance discount will drop from 43% to 35% – FAIL
  • I’ll be back up to 43% in a couple years – WIN
  • Other driver gets off scott free – FAIL
  • Marnie is okay – EPIC WIN TO END ALL FAILS

The last point is the most important.

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  1. You said I didnt read your blog. This comment is proof that I do.And THAT is the penultimate WIN! πŸ˜‰

    • I stand corrected Mozy – although, you may have simply clicked the link in twitter to prove me wrong.

      If that was the penultimate win (second to last), what would be the ultimate win? πŸ˜‰

  2. At least everything was in a fright..xxx- Laura

    • If scared was the worst Marnie had to suffer, then I'm happy about that. I'd rather the car take the brunt of anything (obviously).

  3. At least everything was in a fright..xxx- Laura

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