When the puck drops at 7:00p tonight between the Canucks and Kings, you’ll be able to find me sitting up in section 311 taking in Game One of what I hope to be a lengthy postseason spell from my favourite team!

Two Tickets to Game One - Canucks vs. Kings

Where will you be?

I know, I know.. I really shouldn’t brag. But aren’t you just a tad bit jealous? GM Place is going to be rocking, the towels will be swinging, and I’m putting money down that Mark Donnelly will raising his mic to the crowd to help sing O Canada. What a way to start the game for the first of 16 wins, eh?

Now for those that don’t know, this will be my second Game One experience when it comes to the Canucks in the post-season. I had the good fortune to be at GM Place for the first game between the Stars and Canucks back in ’07 – lets just say that getting a good 4 OT periods AND a Canucks is something more than EPIC!

And I thought the garage was rocking that night…