Growing up a rabid sports fan in Vancouver, my late evenings were not spent watching David Letterman or Jay Leno, but instead catching the latest news from the sporting world on SportsPage.

Whether it was hearing about Dave Randorf’s favourite ball player Jeff Kent, cashing in on some sweet loot during SportsPage trivia, or waiting all year to watch “Yulin’ with the Page” over the holidays, it was part of every sports fan’s lifestyle here in Van-city.

SportsPage Trivia Was Teh Bomb!

But as with all good things, the ‘Page was finally taken off the air with it’s last episode on September 2, 2005. It was tough to take, and I remember watching Dan Elliott (aka Jumbo) tear up when he signed off for the last time – I kid you not, I teared up too.

Anywho, over the past few weeks I’ve been tossing around the idea of trying to get SportsPage back on the tube with a few of the fine folks on twitter. Gladys (@gloomybb) in particular has been extremely gung-ho with the idea and got me thinking that I should start to harrass.. errr.. approach some of the hosts from the ‘Page in an effort to get the wheels on the bus moving. So thinking the best person on twitter to hit up was Scott Rintoul (currently of Team 1040 fame, but he cut his teeth on the ‘Page – @ScottRintoul on twitter), I gave him a holler and he said he’d be in. True, it’s simply a tweet and not a contract, but listen to him and Barry MacDonald talk about it this morning on the Team (hat tip to Gladys who got the audio):
Ringing endorsement, don’t you think?

So where do we go from here? How do we make this happen? Let’s get SportsPage 2.0 back on the air! Lord knows we need to see more playoff beards like this: