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Keira-Anne and Paws for a Cause

As I was catching up on my feeds this morning, I noticed a small reminder on Keira-Anne’s (@keiraanne) latest post that she was still looking to drum up support for Paws for a Cause.

Jordy & Keira-Anne

Paws for a Cause is the BC-SPCA’s annual and premiere fundraiser to support the non-profit organizations desire to “support those who can’t speak for themselves.” Being a pet guy at heart (although I very rarely admit it publicly), it’s awesome to see Keira-Anne herself an ambitious fundraising goal of $2000. What’s not awesome is that she is still some distance away from the goal:

I’m once again fundraising for the BC-SPCA’s Paws For A Cause, aiming to raise $2,000 by September. As of today, I’ve reached only 10% of my goal. Please consider donating to my effort and support this worthwhile cause.

So I ask all six of my readers to dig deep into their pockets, find that $5 you were going to spend at Starbucks, and pass on the daily cup of coffee to instead support such a fantastic cause. Not only will you not miss the coffee, but you’ll be acquiring yourself some invaluable karma to boot.

And if you think you can’t part with that cup, trust me when I say you can – as a certified coffee addict, I did and I’m still alive.

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  1. Thanks so much for the blog post – I really appreciate your support! (Jordy does too!)

  2. I supported Keira-Anne last year and since seeing the absolutely heartbreaking BCSPCA commercials in the last few days, I indeed plan on supporting her once again!

    • That's awesome that you supported Keira last year. I should have.. but didn't really follow her or her blog until more recently. I knew of it, but didn't pay close enough attention.

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