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My Eventual Destination – courtesy of Stephen Walli

Having never been to Hawaii, I’m pretty darn excited to be heading to Maui in just over two months time. Maybe it was seeing episodes of “Hawaii 5-0” on TV when I was young or catching “Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style,” but I’ve always wanted to go – just never had the wherewithal to make it happen.

But dream no more.

Marnie and I fly out at the end of October (on the wings of WestJet – who I might add is quite conversational on twitter @WestJet) and will be staying with my parents at the Kamaole Sands. My folks have been here twice in recent times and say the place is quite nice. The fact they also picked up the tab for us makes it even better – we just needed to pay for our flights. They’ve also arranged for a rental car, making us quite a bit more mobile.

But what do we do when we get there? I know there are tonnes of places to visit, but reading out of a guidebook is one thing – I’d rather hear from y’all because word of mouth is that much better. Suggestions?

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  1. I've never been there either. You'll have a lot of places and movie/series sets to visit!

    – Laura

  2. That's the thing – I've read online about tonnes of places to visit that there's far too many. I need the inside edge.. 😉

  3. Did you see the resort website? Loud exterior construction noise from 08/23-10/09 2010

    Kihei is a place we never got close to. We stayed on West Maui (as i mentioned in the email: Napili, near the awesome snorkel spot Honolua Bay). I could ask around to friends who have stayed down where you’ll be.

    • Yep – I saw that when I checked out the site before the post. My parents have already reserved us a condo there, and seeing as they’re footing the bill, who am I to complain? Plus, we’ll be there later than the end date so hopefully whatever work is being done doesn’t fall behind schedule.

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