Prior to my trip to Maui, I was presented with an opportunity to provide suggestions for a union to better provide information and news on through their website. Having no one in the office with the desired level of coding knowledge required to adequately do what they wanted to do, I thought it was a no-brainer to suggest the use of WordPress due to it’s ease of use (I use it – that should be proof enough). Being happy with my suggestion, I was then asked if I could setup and maintain their website with this new medium – so long as the price was reasonable. Initially I was excited at the opportunity, but having thought it through clearly, felt that my skillset did not meet what the demands of the union would be and politely declined.

But it did get me thinking.

I currently maintain no less than 5 different sites for friends and family. I’ve also setup something like 15 or 20 different WordPress powered sites over the years as well. I don’t consider either to be entirely difficult, and even with the rudimentary level of coding knowledge and chutzpah I possess (enough to know that the blink command was deprecated after me and everyone else at Geocities who overused it back in the day), it’s sufficient enough to get the job done while using the thousands of GPL released themes that exist.

So what exactly did I think about? Formalizing the relationship.

So I’m proud to announce that I’m one of the newest small business members here in the fine province of British Columbia. Although there is nothing more to Hikari Interactive than an empty domain ( and a registered business, I plan on offering my services in the New Year. Just what those services will be is still up for discussion.

But one thing I know is that I’ve not been as excited for what the future holds for some time. And that in itself makes this venture successful.

At least for the time being.