If there’s something that I’ve bandied about, it’s whether or not I should look to run the odd contest or giveaway here at LCBD. Although the extrinsic benefit exists in the hope that I’d get a bit more exposure and a few more readers, it’s more the intrinsic benefit of just having fun with the whole process that I’d enjoy more.

So why do I blog about this? Well, it has much to do with what Raul of Hummingbird604 fame had to say about his experience with contests & giveaways:

The truth is, it’s become slightly addictive The first contest I ever ran was a snowshoe-ing experience at Cypress Mountain coupled with a chocolate fondue dinner for two. That was in February of 2009. As time has gone by, my blog has become much more widely read, I’ve gained many more thousands of followers on Twitter. Hundreds of PR folks pitch me on a daily basis.

And that’s just it – the ability to do so is somewhat addictive.

Although I don’t have hundreds of PR folks pitching me on a daily basis, I’m all for spreading the word on twitter when I see someone I follow having a contest. I may not be entirely interested in the prize (or maybe I am, but already have one – such as the Tassimo Coffee System one that Colleen Coplick has offered up), but I’m down for someone else giving it a shot and hopefully getting the hookup. And if they were to pass on a simple thank you, it’d probably blow my world.

What do you think? Is it something you’d like to see more of? Less of?