For someone who describes himself as a shy and reclusive person, I do get infatuated with attention whenever it stops in for a visit. Whether it’s my constant nattering on twitter, my gregarious act at different social media events (who am I kidding, Canucks tweetups), or the number of different domains I’ve registered, each one of these is a conduit to allow me to feed my addiction.

And if I look back, this shy and reclusive guy has always been like that. I was known as “Doctor Bottom” back in my highschool days because no one could rock a Bass Clarinet solo like I could or belt out a baritone vocal number either. I wasn’t the most popular guy, but I was definitely one of the many who wanted everyone to notice him somehow or some way.

So how do you shake such an addiction? How do I get away from constantly wanting to be the centre of attention? Get away from the worry that my message isn’t being heard?

Hi. My name is Chris and I’m an attention-holic.