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Never Been to Las Vegas

This may come as a surprise to a few of you. I’ve never been to Las Vegas before.

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas – courtesy of Dan Doan

Mind you, I’ve also never really been further south in the US mainland than Seattle so maybe it’s not that big of a surprise. And even though it’s a relatively easy destination to get to from Vancouver (and can be bloomin’ cheap when flying out of Bellingham), I’ve never really thought of heading down south to sunny state of Nevada. So suffice to say, I’m pretty darn excited.

Now to give you some info, I’m actually heading down with my Uncle to a mutual friends wedding. The only details I have about the wedding itself is that Elvis will somehow be involved, so it will definitely be an interesting experience. Beyond this though, I don’t know much more and the only thing that Marnie has asked (as she isn’t coming) is that I don’t try and reenact “The Hangover” while there. We haven’t yet decided on a place to stay (the wedding party is staying at Imperial Palace – we’re not really sold on that idea), but hope to find somewhere decent and/or fun for a reasonable rate. And I’m still trying to figure out if I should stay an extra night (I’m heading down Friday, the wedding is on Saturday, and my Uncle is leaving Sunday – I don’t have to be back to work until Tuesday).

So what should I do? Where should we stay? What say you all?

This happens to be the first post in the “Never Been” series – a variety of posts about places I’ve never traveled to, but wish to hit up at some point. If you ever think of somewhere that I should go, please drop a line – I’m always looking for inspiration.

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  1. AAAAH Vegas! I love Vegas, and go at least 4 times a year! You are in for a great time!
    Where to go, what to do and see is a loaded question as there is so much to do and see, that you definitely will not be able to do it all in 3 days. Things that you ABSOLUTELY must do on your first trip should be:
    1:) The fountains at the Belagio is a must, especially at night. Spectacular!
    2:) A stroll down Fremont street (old Vegas) is a blast. Don’t forget that there is no open container law in Vegas, so remember to keep the beer at hand at all times, especially if its hot!
    3:) Take a roller coaster ride on atop the New York New York Casino.
    4:) And while your there, stop in for THE best steak in all of Vegas at Gallagher’s in NY NY. Reservations may be needed though.
    5:) Take in an evening in the Belagio Sportsbook while relaxing and watching (and possibly betting) on the hockey/football games.
    6:) If you have time, a helicopter tour of Vegas is breathtaking.
    7:) If your into it, the clubbing scene is overwhelming! Vegas is built around your enjoyment. If you want to do it, you probably can.
    8:) Hoover Dam tour is awsome.
    9:) Gamble. If your a gambler, this is the place to do it! Find a table and have fun. Please remember though that you are Canadian so tip your waitress well (the drinks are free!) and keep her coming back often!
    10:) I usually stay at the MGM Grand, Belagio, or Excalibur, but there are lots of other very good Casino’s to stay at. There is also the Motel 6 option, but why would you want to do that in Vegas?
    11:) Seeing as this is your first visit, you will undoubtedly be making notes of things that you will want to see/do on your next trip, because there isd lots to do in Vegas!
    12:) remember that it is winter down there too, so the night’s can be a little chilly! I spent New Years there this year and it actually snowed one night! Granted it was very very light snow, but it was nonetheless snow!
    13:) Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to have fun!

  2. Vegas ROCKS! My wife and I went for 5 days and I don’t think it was long enough. Some people will say 2 days is enough, I say a week is perfect.

    We stayed at the Luxor, not in the actual pyramid, but in the tower and the room was awesome. We went in May so we got to spend a day or two at the pool which was nice.

    We went shopping, walked the strip and saw Cirque and Danny Gans. I rode the roller coaster at New York New York which was a lot of fun.

    Neither of us gamble so we didn’t spend much time in actual casinos, but we did look around at a lot of them. We did spend about 4 hours playing black jack at Planet Hollywood, and we met some pretty cool people at the table.

    I know you are not going with your significant other, but the extra day is something I would do. It will give you some time to take in the sights since you will be at the wedding all day Saturday and you may be tired on the Sunday.

    I still stand by my recommendation of staying at the Luxor. It is at the other end of the strip but you can ride the “Deuce” (transit the runs up and down the strip) for cheap. We checked out almost every hotel on the strip when we were there and I really wanted to stay at the Bellagio the next time we go. Planet Hollywood looked “fun”. My SIL stayed at Treasure Island and they really enjoyed it. My FIL stays at the Paris when he goes for business every year and he likes it too. You should also check if your employer gets good rates at any of the hotels, I bet they would.

    All in all, I think you will have an awesome time, the wedding sounds fun, Elvis, what more could you ask for!!!

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