There are a number of people who I’ve “met” online that I have yet to meet in real life, but the one person I really do need to sit down and “shoot the proverbial with” is Raul Pacheco. In fact, though I’ve been on twitter for many years, it was a post from Raul that got me re-interested (yes, I like to make up words) so I have him to thank for helping me start what has been a wicked ride in social media as it relates to the Canucks.

I'm auctioning my 100,000th tweet.

Raul Pacheco AKA @hummingbird604 – courtesy of Raul

When I recently learned that he was not only nearing his 100,000th tweet AND was looking to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation by auctioning it off, it made perfect sense that I do what I could to support him:

You may ask – what is the value proposition of my 100,000th tweet. Well, for one, I have a fairly sizable readership, both on my blog and on my Twitter account (with over 7,400 followers). And since it’s a milestone tweet, it’s quite likely that my tweet will be retweeted many times. And who knows, maybe even the mainstream media will pick it up. And maybe TechCrunch or Mashable will pick the story up. And this would lead to even MORE exposure.

To bid on Raul’s tweet, you can read his post on the topic or simply tweet the following:

“I’m bidding [X] dollars for @hummingbird604 ‘s 100,000th tweet in support of @BCCancer #b4hb100k”

And although he has nearly 6 times more followers than I, when he does tweet that 100,000th tweet out to the masses, you can add an extra 1.2k followers to his 7.4k because I’m going to retweet the message to all of mine – your message will gain that much more exposure!

So what are you waiting for? Start the bidding!