Having never had the knack for first-person shooters, I’ve always been more interested in games that require a little more brain power than hand-eye coordination. And as I’m always on the go, this tends to have me gravitating towards the simplistic frustration that is the tower defense model of game play. Well gosh darn it, I think I’ve found a winner!

Kingdom Rush

Image courtesy of Ironhide Game Studio

Kingdom Rush by Ironhide Game Studio is a graphically beautiful tower defense game that rolls out medieval fantasy theme. But don’t think it’s just your typical tower defense format as they’ve mixed in a few RTS elements to set it aside from the usual fare.

While you have your usual fare of towers (arrow, magic, artillery, defense), the largest deviation from the norm is how the defense tower places soldiers in the path of oncoming enemies allowing you to focus your other three towers to create a world of hurt. And as you progress in the game, you gain options to have each tower progress to one of two specialties both with pros and cons – in reality no tower is the wrong tower, you’ll just find some work far better it specific situations.

Cosmetically, it seems that the developers spent considerable time on every little detail whether it be the movement of mobs to the voice-overs that each of your towers possesses (including the censor beep for those foul-mouthed artillery dudes). While the game comes across as very cartoonish, the gameplay is definitely mature enough to keep adults occupied and quite possibly frustrated if they happen to be perfectionists like me. And while a few hours of gameplay will have you finishing the game on normal mode, there are both challenge levels and a heroic mode to add new quirks (and hair losing frustration) to keep things fresh

For a mean $2.99, this game is available to those of you rocking the iPad for full HD glory. However, for those of you who tend to be frugal like me you can rock the whole game for free via Armor Games. So why don’t you give a try and tell me what you think?

There Be Orcs

Image courtesy of Ironhide Game Studio