If you didn’t stop by Friday, I spoke briefly about W.E.L.D.E.R. and published some free codes. Well, today we’re going to briefly talk about the more recent Starbucks Pick of the Week – Golfplan with Paul Azinger.

Golfplan with Paul Azinger

Courtesy of Shotzoom Software

As I’m a horrible golfer yet still enjoy losing a box of balls now and then, this app from Shotzoom Software is right up my alley. Working hand-in-hand with their free app Golfshot, Golfplan with Paul Azinger provides you with all you need to allegedly knock a few strokes off of your game:

Golfplan provides personalized tips, drills and instruction based on your Golfshot game statistics. If you don’t already use Golfshot for the iPhone and iPod touch, you can download it for free, or choose your own Golfplan categories.

Normally Golfplan retails for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store, yet as it showed up this past week as the Starbucks Pick of the Week, those of us with insane coffee addictions were able to pick it up for free. And seeing as I frequent Starbucks more than the next guy, I grabbed one every time I filled up my coffee tumbler with dark roast.

Golfplan Free Codes

Golfplan Free Codes - First Come, First Served.

As the caption says, those codes are first-come, first-served and I make no guarantee that someone hasn’t already seen them and downloaded the app. Enjoy!