Courtesy of Tim Gage

I’ve only been to Saturna Island a handful of times, yet find that as soon as my feet carry me off the ferry I’m instilled with a sensation of peace and relaxation. Maybe it’s the fact I’m a “big city” boy whose idea of taking it easy meant kicking back in front of the TV, but there’s something even more special here where I find myself somewhat off the grid.

Now off the grid is relative. Sure we have power, but it’s pure – Marnie’s aunt and uncle have a full solar & wind generation system set up. And while I might be able to reach out to you via LCBD, we’re staying in one of a handful of houses located on the southeast exposure of the island and would likely have to hike for over an hour in any direction before we’d run into another person. There’s a pub and general store, but they’re much closer to the ferry terminal than us, so quite a bit of thought is needed before hopping in the car to head there.

So it’s just me and the goats (there’s quite a large population of feral goats on the island) and I’m okay with that. We’ll hang out, enjoy what we see in front of us, and reflect on all that we can do – relax, recharge, and refocus.