View from the Lanai

Our west-facing view from the lanai at Kamaole Sands

Aloha! With LCBD here gathering dust again, I thought I would do something different and use it as a journal for my trip. Makes sense, right?

So how are things back in Vancouver? When we left summer was still hanging in there, so I imagine there aren’t too many of you jealous that I’m typing this on my lanai in Maui. But if you are, apologies in advance! Anyhow…

We actually arrived late Monday evening. Our flight was originally supposed to depart at 6:35p, but due to some maintenance issues, we left at 7:35p once a new plane was found. Yet due to some “Top Gun” style flying from our WestJet pilots, we made up 25 minutes of that delay… so not really that bad (and hey, it’s Maui we’re going to!).

The first order of business was to grab the rental car we had booked. Looking for deals beforehand, we settled on Thrifty as they were a good $50 less than any of the others at the airport. In hindsight, we’ve definitely gotten what we paid for – a rough running, beat-up Dodge Caliber – so I think for our next trip I’ll consider value instead of the lowest common denominator. The other thing I learned about the rental agencies at Kahului International is that they stay open until the last plane arrives – so for those of you worried you’ll miss ’em, you’re likely okay.

Our drive to our condo (which is pretty well setup – I recommend anyone looking for a place to stay to give this one a look) at the Kamaole Sands was uneventful. That said, as it was my first time driving on my own at night here in Maui, boy is it dark – thankfully the GPS we brought with us made the trip a bit easier because I couldn’t see street signs at all until I was nearly halfway through intersections! We literally checked in, arrived at our condo, and crashed (it was 3am Vancouver time y’know).

We decided on our flight over that we would spend yesterday (now Tuesday) as a day to take it easy and get most of our shopping in. Our first order of business was to grab a bite to eat at Moose McGillicuddy’s. We then hopped in the car and went back in to Kahului to do what every tourist visiting Maui does – go to Costco. While we didn’t buy up all the milk, we did pick up all the items necessary to make a solid Mai Tai and grabbed a case of water for the week. The rest of the day was spent hopping from mall to store to store, spending our hard-earned cash on knick knacks and paddywacks. Exciting, no?

What had to be best part of the day was the sunset we witnessed on our return. A fair amount of high cloud had blown through over the course of the day and this provided for some vibrant colours. While we did grab a couple solid pictures, none can really give you the same perspective we had.

So that’s Day One. I’ll share the sunset photo later today and will have more to share tomorrow!

Aloha! (such a fantastic word – can mean hello, i love you, and goodbye!)