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Don’t Starve!

Don't Starve PS4 Title Screen

It’s been a few weeks since Don’t Starve from Klei Entertainment was released on the PS4 (and as a free title for those with a PS Plus membership) and having spent some time with the game, I have to say it’s frustratingly addictive.

That’s right.

Addictive because of it’s simplicity, frustratingly so due to it’s lack of direction and similarities to a roguelike, as well as it’s cartoonish appeal.

You control Wilson, a scientist tricked into building a machine that takes him into a fantasy world where the darkness can kill him, if he doesn’t starve first. Or get attacked by tentacles. Or simply goes crazy. There are just so many ways to die.

To survive, you run around a world looking for food, wood to build fire (yes, I may have lit an entire forest on fire once), and materials to build inventions (like a pretty hat made from flowers). As there are no instructions, you pretty much have to stumble into success by first figuring out what the lay of the land is like (randomly generated each time you spawn) and then determine the best course of action before death takes hold.

Sure I’ve probably not sold you on the title, but trust me, you’ll get hooked within the first few minutes so make sure to give it a try!

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  1. Alas, I’m an XBox 360 girl… No PS for me.

    But, that reminds me, I need to have some fun on one of them soon. I have two boxes, actually. Not as weird as you think – one primarily is used as a tuner for Telus Optik.

    • I’m an addict. I still have a PS3 and XBox360 (although the PS3 laser died so now it’s digital download only), used to have a Wii, and now have a PS4.

      You really should go have some fun on the 360! And I have to say, pains me to hear you’ve got Telus Optik (I’m a proud Shaw employee). 🙂

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