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Zero to Hero – Dream Reader

Six days into Zero to Hero and I’m still here. This has to be a record! But today’s assignment could be the challenge that breaks me.

We’re to pen a post to our dream reader.


My problem is that you say dream reader and I hear Dream Weaver by Gary Wright! And when I hear Dream Weaver, I immediately think of Wayne’s World! Party on!

Home of the Dream Guitar from Wayne's World

The Dream Guitar – courtesy of Tony Hoffarth

But enough of that. Just like Wayne and his dream guitar, you will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.

This may sound corny, but you are my dream reader simply because you’re here to read my words of wisdom (or lack thereof). I don’t aim to be more than I am. Just a humble blogger who lives in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia.

And just like we saw in Wayne’s World, Wayne and Garth discovered that their audience was just like them. They didn’t need all the pomp and circumstance that the sphincter who said what, Benjamin Kane, thought was necessary to make them stars. They already were.

That’s good enough for me. I’m a star. Sure I may not have my own TV show filmed in the basement of my parent’s house, or get to meet Alice Cooper, but that’s still okay.

But what about you? Who would your dream reader be? Or more importantly – was there ever a better movie than Wayne’s World?

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  1. “How about a little Bohemian Rhapsody gentlemen”

  2. “Was there ever a better movie than Wayne’s World?”

    I laughed and laughed. I can just picture you playing a mean air guitar.

  3. I have to admit i haven’t been keeping up with zero to hero very much, i’ve been so busy i am barely getting time to get on my computer. I like this post though šŸ™‚ i couldn’t pick a dream reader, like you anyone who reads my posts i am grateful for šŸ™‚ Vanessa x

    • That’s the problem with life. It’s never too interested in slowing down. To help myself find the time, I’ve actually built 30 minutes into every day for me to blog or read. So far it seems to be working.

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