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  1. I really really enjoyed the books, but the show… I could take it or leave it. The first season was good, but they’re taking too many liberties with the story, I think. I do like this mashup, though!

    • Season one and the “Ned End” compelled me to purchase the entire series and read up.

      I agree, the TV series has taken liberties but I can’t say I’ve been turned off – still watch it every Sunday as it premieres on HBO Canada.

      • I don’t have HBO, so it’s rare that I watch it. However, when I did have HBO at an old house, I did watch, but usually from my DVR. I think that says a lot about how high a priority it is. Do you DVR and watch later, or make time in your schedule to watch when it premiers?

        The books are pretty fantastic. I’m actually re-reading (or listening to on Audible), book 3 on my commute to and from work.

        • I actually do both. If I’m home, I watch it from the get go. If I’m out, the PVR (us Canadians just wanna be different) records it for me to watch when I’m able to.

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