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Chris screaming at the top of his lungs.

We’re Halfway There!

Recognize this guy? He’s pretty darn inspired if you ask me. So it’s somewhat appropriate that yesterday’s assignment (I was never good at getting homework done on time) was to “write a post inspired by your About page or widget.”

When I recently gave my About page a once-over, my sole goal was to communicate my personality and outline how this blog would reflect that. I’m quirky. Easy going. Somewhat nuts. In fact, I have been known to describe myself as a 36-year-old going on 13. But how does one do that simply with text?

The answer is you can’t.

Sure I can pen some prose and make it sound like magic. Or simply give you a bunch of gibberish with a few 😀 or 😉 mixed in. Both would probably do the trick. Yet, without the images showing me in my element – real life – it’s hard to fully comprehend who I really am. A karaoke superstar.

So you can imagine how happy I was when Kiwibee gave me some feedback on what my About page said to her:

Hehehe I love it! Your voice and personality come across super strong and draw the reader in

Mission accomplished.

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  1. I dunno who’s older between us. I’m 25 going on 14. Haha. So you’re a karaoke superstar? You should post a video.

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