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5 Types of People You Should Totally Hang Out With To Be Happy

Everyone needs a little nudge in the right direction from time-to-time when it comes to finding friends, and fortunately for us, Wen Kai has our back with his “5 Types of People” series.

So you can imagine my excitement when he asked me to help contribute to his latest post and told me I could have some fun. Anywho, instead of simply giving you my one contribution (Transformers, there is always more than meets the eye), I’ve gone and reblogged the post with Wen Kai’s permission – feel free to check out the original here.

1. I’m going to climb Mount Everest with a tank top and bermudas.

I’m sure every one of us have a friend like this currently, or at least one point of your life. They are the risk-takers. They seem to have no grasp of logic at times, most of the times in fact. For me personally, I’m one of them. Sometimes the things I do are really brazen, but if I feel that the potential benefits or experiences is definitely going to outweigh the so-called risks, I’m going to go for it. I may end up hurt, beaten, or other sadistic verbs you can think, but what’s the point of life if you’re going to live your life how other people tells you to.

Risk-takers make good friends, although it’s frustrating that they never heed your warnings (coming from personal experience). They push you out of your comfort zones. They inspire you to do things that you never thought of doing before. They force you to challenge the status quo set by yourself. A relationship, be it as friends or lovers, will turn stale if there’s no friction from time to time. As weirdly as it sounds, friction build bonds and help people grow closer to each other. So, you’ll very likely find that the risk-takers are the ones that will stick by your side for a really long period of time in your life.

If you look at it from another perspective, you’ll have friends to accompany you to try out the things that you want. It can be rather annoying when you want to go and watch an NBA game for example and your friends go like, “What’s the point of that?”

Can’t blame them though. Most of us only watch NBA games to see who will be the newest member of the Kardashian family.

Jokes aside though, imagine how painful life will be if you do not have people around you to accompany you to places you always wanted to explore, foods you always wanted to try, and activities you always wanted to experience. You’ll end up restricting yourself to a lot of things and lose valuable opportunities to create plenty of wonderful memories.

Since risk-takers are up for anything, they tend to be more open and more accepting of people and their individual cultures. And as mentioned earlier they push you past your limits and seeing them in action and achieving things in life will inadvertently force you to reconsider the purpose of your life and inspire you to take bigger leaps of faith.

I know, I’m pretty cool.

2. Oh I’m so happy for you! (And I really mean it)
It's so beautiful

How many times have this happened to you? Something good happened to you, you’re over the moon, you share it with your friends, they say they’re so proud and happy for you, and two days later you heard that they’re taking sh*t about you.

This has happened so many times to me before. I’m really lucky though that I have a lot more friends who are genuinely happy for me when something goes my way.

Everyone needs someone like this in their life. As the saying goes,

Don’t hit a man when he’s down, and don’t f***ing kick the ladder when he’s up on it.

It’s not a very good feeling to have something finally going your way when all the friends you thought were true to you are busy playing a game of Stab The Genius. I consider myself as someone who is on the brink of being over-confident, so when I’m not doing well in life, criticisms and all wouldn’t really affect me. However, when I’m up there, doing exceptionally well (something I’m humbly familiar with /flips hair/) support becomes all the more vital because you can only either take baby steps up the ladder, or plummet all the way down back to square one. I can survive when I’m struggling, but I will need my friends more than ever when I’m so close to getting the success I always wanted.

So, if you know you have low self-esteem, get a few friends who are truly concerned about your happiness and success in life, and will be there both when you’re down, and when you’re making your dreams come true. Jabs and gibes are really not morale-boosting elements to help you further your success. If you do not have a few friends that can be happy for you, you’re bound to fail, or miss out on fulfilling your full potential.

You might end up being scared of success because you’re used to people kicking you off the perch, or try to avoid advancing yourself because you became fine-tuned to be influenced negatively by criticisms.

Friendship is a two-way street. Admiration and jealousy are two vastly different things. Pick the people who will make you feel good about your accomplishments. Pick the people who will help you continue your great progress. Pick the people who views you as their role model and tells you to ignore your critics and haters.

Pick me.

3. Beyoncé
Beyonce saying you don't know what I'm feeling.

Everybody needs a listening ear every once in a while. Your friends are important because they serve just that purpose. They side with you most of the times, even though you’re wrong to make you feel better. For me though, I will usually ask my friends to explain their point of views about the matter with as much logic as possible.

Yes that’s right, I’m not a female.

Coming back, I’m the type of person who overthinks a lot, but with a painful tinge of irony, I always miss out on the main reasonings and logical explanations behind things that happen to me. Hence, I feel better when people offer me a perspective that either puts me in the wrong, which I really appreciate trust me, or a perspective that convinces me that the other parties are at fault, when I’m confiding in my friend regarding an argument or conflicts in general.

It’s really important to get things off your chest as often as you can, to make sure you keep your mental well-being as healthy as possible and to ensure you can get through the day without feeling like you’re watching some MTV reality show featuring a girl who is wailing loudly because daddy didn’t get her the correct car for her 16th birthday.

Like omg, a Lamborghini totally sucks.

If you’re like me, who tend to overthink and require people to set you back on track, then having a friend who listens is really a blessing, and it applies to everyone as a matter of fact. Not only that though, if your friends are not judgemental people who empathise and make the effort to put a smile on your face, you’re a really lucky person.

I know how it feels like to be at your lowest and you’re really afraid to talk to anyone because you know you’ll be disturbing them over your persistent issues, so having friends who are angels in disguise will really help a lot, because these are the people who are going to be there for you when everyone else disappears.

4. Mentor
Jack Black Saluting

Mentors are really important to have in your life as they’re the one that’s going to guide you when you venture into the unknown.

Unlike your teachers and lecturers, mentors are your friends. They’ll be able to understand you better, communicate with you better, and guide you better. They express their opinions on the things you do in a nicer way than your parents, who can be pretty direct at times due to the generation gap.

On top of what their name suggests, they are usually the ones that present you with all sorts of opportunities to advance yourself. I’ve been able to progress this far in my life with all the wonderful experiences working with different people and projects because my mentors have taught me a lot and I gained so much from their expertise.

Besides that, mentors genuinely want you to succeed. In this modern-day and age with the mind-numbing amount of competition out there, it’s very rare to find people who really want you to go all the way and don’t mind teaching you everything they know in order to help you reach and fulfil your potential. Hence, having a mentor is quite frankly, crucial, because without them, your undoubted talents will just be another piece of floating wood in the Pacific Ocean.

For the last part, I got fellow blogger and GUEST of honor Chris Golden to help me out with it.

(Oh by the way, I saw a Miley Cyrus CD duct-taped under my desk in school today. So, I took it.

You never know when you might need duct tape.)

5. Not a Transformer – as per Chris (@lyteforce)
Optimus Prime Ready to Fight

Say no to Starscream (because you shouldn’t ever say “no” to Optimus)!

We’ve all had friends, acquaintances, neighbours and general riff-raff say one thing to us and something entirely different to the person they were just talking about. No different from Starscream to Megatron (or Galvatron if you’re so inclined), they’re just friends of convenience. They will often use their two-pronged tongue to sweet talk when it is to their advantage, and wait until your back is turned or you are at your weakest to strike.

If they talk about others, they talk about you.

I get it. It’s not easy to see a transformer from the get go – you could say they are robots in disguise. One minute they’re a fire engine or a police car. And who would ever doubt that a fire engine or police car could be up to no good? But next thing you know – BAM! – you’re running for your proverbial life as they unleash fury behind your back while you’re busy shouting “No, No, No, No, No” over and over again.

And sure, human nature plays against us. As much as we’re all cheering for the good guys, there’s a part of us that looks at the bad guy and says, “Wow. That guy/girl is cool.” We’re hard-wired for good, yet don’t mind the thrill of a little bad. And let me tell you, these transformers are bad.

So ditch the Starscreams in your life.

Instead, surround yourself with “non-transformers” (other than Optimus) like Spike or Daniel Witwicky. Sure they might be a little dull from time-to-time, but it is extremely unlikely they’ll be two-faced and talk smack about you behind your back. They tell it to you straight. They share the good news just as often as they share the bad news. They will save the world if they need to, but would rather just chill and support you instead.

They might also be, a) li’ll too cocky, b) arrogant, c) direct, d) possess inexplicable logic most of the time, or e) All of the above, but you know you can count on them to be loyal when you need them to. To make it easier, we’ve included an image of how these people usually look like to make finding them more easy for ya’ll:

Tony Stark giving the Peace sign

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