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Zero to Hero – Social Networking

With the past two weeks getting busier, I’ve been passively creeping the Zero to Hero challenge and only completing those assignments that were quick and easy to do (I know, I’m a horrible student).

But when I saw today’s assignment looking for us to start plugging into Social Media, I had to jump on board and give it a go.

Social Media App icons on a phone.

Social Media – courtesy of Jason Howie

You see, I’m already hooked up.

I regularly promote my blog posts through Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The fact I actually only really use those three medium to promote myself – boy do I sound narcissistic – actually comes as a surprise to some, but the reason behind it is quite simple.

I use those three more than any other.

I sometimes get asked by friends, family, co-workers and strangers for advice on how they can begin promoting themselves or their brand through social media. Often, they will tell me they’ve signed up through everything under the sun and expect to have a million or so followers in a week (I may be exaggerating here). I instead recommend they focus on something simple and more atenable – use the one or two they know, get good at it and then look to grow.

Throughout this, I also suggest they focus on being their authentic self. Be genuine and interact with everyone as you would on the street. I’m a firm believer that social media is more about people than information.

But there are smarter people than me out there – in fact, you might be one of them.

So what do you recommend one does when they decide it’s time to get on the social media bandwagon? Dive in? Keep it simple?

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  1. Gidday, Chris, I’m a simple soul – so for me it’s keep it simple. Mostly because it takes me a while to figure things out. I’ve had a twitter account for a few months now but I’m still figuring out how to use it. I’m curious about Instagram. Do you use that?

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