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Month Since Monday – Hearthstone and Softball

It’s somewhat appropriate that I use today’s Zero to Hero assignment to not only launch a feature I’ve been kicking around for a while, but to get myself back into blogging gear – it’s kind of like a two for one special!

Today dawns the birth of the monthly feature, Month Since Monday, where I recap a couple of things I’ve been up to over the past month. While more a log for me to remember what I actually got busy doing – I can barely remember my way home these days – I figured it would also be a good springboard for readers like you to quickly gather if we have anything in common.

A collection of softball bats on a fence

A collection of bats – courtesy of leah g

Like Softball. Or Hearthstone.

Prior to this season, it had been a few years since I last laced up my cleats and took my glove out to the park to pretend to be a ball player. While I had played some form of softball since my teenage years (prior to that it was baseball), when I ruptured my ACL 6 or so years ago, my playing days seemed far behind me.

I knew I missed the game, but who would want a washed up ball player with no mobility, with limited throwing strength and wheels that would put a sloth to shame?

The only answer I could come up with was to form my own team and from everything I had been told, that was always tough.

So using social media to my advantage, I asked a very simple question:

And to my surprise, people replied. In fact, in just under a week I not only had a rag-tag team put together, but I had to turn people away.

Since that tweet in February, we’ve now played two games and found ourselves trending in the right direction – two losses, yet a score differential that has been shrinking. What’s most exciting is that fun is being had – which I feel is always the most important part of the game. And that’s a good point to segue me thinks.

Hearthstone screen capture of playing board and cards

Greetings Traveler – courtesy of Blizzard

I’ve also found myself having a tonne of fun playing Hearthstone whenever I have the chance.

Essentially an online trading card game from Blizzard – the makers of World of Warcraft – I had a chance to participate midway through the PC beta and found myself intrigued.

You see, I’ve always had a passing interest in trading card games since my introduce to Magic: The Gathering and if it were not for a lack of friends with a similar interest, could very well still be building the odd deck. Anywho, Blizzard has taken care of that issue with its online component and therefore I’ve now lost my excuse.

While the PC version was fun, it’s the iPad version which recently launched that has me completely hooked. More fun than a frustrating spell at Candy Crush, you can often find me irritating my opponents with nonsensical decisions. And what makes this even more entertaining is that I don’t have to worry about a pre-pubescent teen telling me what he might be doing with my relatives at any given time – another plus. You can’t begin to understand how tired I’ve grown of the smack talk one sees in most online titles these days.

If there were one complaint with the title, it’s that money can “buy” you a better deck. Yet as I’m not in it to win it, so I don’t really mind. I simply play a few matches, burn an hour and go on with my day.

So what have you been up to the past month? Anyone getting their Hearthstone on? Or with the weather improving, how many of you are playing ball?

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  1. I love how social media brings people together 🙂

    • I’m somewhat disappointed that I discounted its power. Had I realized I could put a team together so easily, I wouldn’t have gone the few years without softball.

  2. My month has entailed a fun few weeks with my crazy but lovable family. Whom I don’t get to see so often due to life’s many demands and a need for me to retain my sanity at the young age of 30. 🙂 Also I have been slightly obsessed with geese. I saw a few once in the grass and now for the life of me I can’t find them anymore. So I plan to drink coffee outside in the mornings after yoga until I see one again. Apparently they bite . yikes! That’s my month. 🙂 Oh and I added a Beer of the month feature to my blog, so it can be assumed I might forget to auto correct my writings due to mild intoxication in the pursuit of writerly reflections.

  3. Hah! The ad at the top of your page right now is for Hearthstone. It always surprises me when the internet knows stuff like that. Very fun post. Now that the weather’s better I’m inline skating at various parks in the city and hitting the discount bookstores.

    • Seems the weather here is only nice during work days, so haven’t really been able to much – aside from softball that is. You’re obviously lucky! 😀

  4. My husband and I have been to 2 baseball games in the past month. He played baseball all the way through college and anytime his team (Cincinnati Reds) comes to town (Atlanta Braves are the closest team to us) we go see them. If we lived near Vancouver I’d sign in him up for softball. I have no athletic ability so I’d be out.

    Cool new feature!

    • With Seattle so close to me, I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve never been to an MLB game. Have only attended Vancouver Canadians games (single A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays). And darn straight your husband would be playing softball – on my team! 😀

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