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Off to Vegas

In just under three months, I’ll be on a plane heading to Las Vegas. Sin City. Capital of Second Chances.

Las Vegas

Bright lights! (courtesy Pedro Szekely)

Yet it is only my second trip to Vegas ever (which apparently is very odd to many, many people) and frankly, not being a Vegas expert has me a little worried.

Where do I find the deals? Who must the wife and I make sure to see? Will I come home rich, or possibly with a tattoo I don’t remember getting?

So many questions!

So what say you world? While I know it’s generally recognized that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” I’ve been known to keep a secret! And our new wondrous world of social media has already let the cat out of the bag! I know there are deals! I know you have favourite places to stay! I know you know how to get sweet airline deals!

And it’s all that first-hand knowledge I want access to!

And while we’re at it, if I get stuck in the airport on my way home, I’m so going to make a video that rivals this:

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  1. Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood is great for a quick, cheap(ish) bite. The Total Rewards card is worthwhile, even if you don’t gamble, as it gives you discounts at applicable restaurants. The bus is cheaper than the monorail by far, but you’ll probably be taking cabs instead. Most Cirque shows are going to be good. If you wake up with a tiger in the room, check the roof.

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