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What Happens in Vegas?

As I blogged about recently, Marnie and I are off to Las Vegas in October. While I’ve been to Sin City once, this will be a first for Marnie, so my hope is to soak in as much of the City That Never Sleeps as we possibly can over four days.

We’ve got our flights booked on WestJet (yay $99 companion fare and WestJet dollars), our hotel booked at the Tropicana Las Vegas (in a Deluxe Paradise Tower room whatever that means), and now we begin the bigger step of trying to figure out what we should get up to while we’re there.

I’ve already determined that at least one of our nights will be spent visiting Fremont Street (I loved it and it felt far less pretentious than the Strip). And with another night tied up with the wedding we’re attending, we obviously don’t have much time for anything else. So if you were us, what would you do?

We’d obviously love to take in a show or something. I’ve always wanted to see the Blue Man Group. Can’t say Marnie would be necessarily down with it, but it’s a start. And is there something we should know about shows on how to get the best deals? I always hear of people getting tickets at less than face value, but know nothing of it.

Or should we just take it easy and walk the strip, check out the fountains at the Bellagio, and gamble away our savings? I’m okay with that too, though I’d obviously like to keep a few dollars in the bank to cover the cost of the taxi to the airport on our way home.

I know you’re all Vegas veterans, do us a solid – we really don’t know what happens in Vegas!

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  1. Go see Carrot Top if he’s in town…great show.

  2. Penn and Teller and Carrot Top. Avoid Criss Angel like the plague. It may work on TV but live it does not. Spend at least a night downtown. Cheap drinks, cheap food different vibe.

  3. Fremont Street won’t take up your whole night and it’s easy enough to get there with one of the buses along the strip. I’d definitely recommend exploring the different hotels, as they each give off a different kind of vibe. If you have time to catch one of the Cirque shows, they are worthwhile (albeit expensive). You can gamble if you want, since it’s by far the best way to get your free (tipped) drinks, but you can always play blackjack at the River Rock or something back home. Take in what makes Vegas special.

    • We definitely plan to explore the strip – neither of us are table players, so we’ll just pad peoples pockets by losing money in the slot machines (or as I call them, adult video games).

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