Many routine deaths, one epic kill.

A line that can describe my playing style when it comes to first person shooters. And much like anything online, maturity is often measured by shoe size and making my motto – and more importantly me – an easy target for derision.

I often go it alone to protect my sanity, even though I’d rather be a social gamer. Maybe I can teach the cat to play?

A Lone Guardian of Mars - Destiny the Game

A Lone Guardian – via

So where am I going with all this you ask?

Having given both the Destiny Alpha and Beta a spin, some of you probably heard me wax poetically about how polished the game and game play happened to be. Whether it was the stunning visuals, the deft controls and interaction with the UI, or how the game itself was structured (it’s a sandbox waiting to be explored), I was hooked from day one and have eagerly awaited launch in a weeks time. Heck, I probably should’ve booked some vacation time or something.

But the real draw for me is how the social interaction and reliance on team based play is woven so intricately into the title. Or this little tidbit on raiding:

Because we store your progress in a given week, you don’t need to clear the activity in one-go. Your group could simply make your way into the Vault and call it an evening, reconvene later in the week and pick up where you left off.
Luke Smith

Raids are intended to take forever and you’ll need a solid group so you can chip away over the week. Shut the front door!

Guardian Fireteam from Destiny the Game

Fireteam is Go! – via

Enter from stage right – Dads of Destiny.

As I mentioned just a moment ago, maturity measured by shoe size doesn’t motivate me. So to find a group of like-minded and likely more mature fraggers is right up my alley. While you might be scratching your head on why I’d join a clan that caters towards fathers, it’s that assumption where you’re wrong.

The clan is actually one that is about linking fathers, grandfathers, uncle looking to balance game play and families. In the short month or so I’ve been part of this group, I’ve already begun to build friendships and don’t see this trend stopping. And unlike any online clan I’ve been part of, I’ve never been so keen to stay connected.

In a word, it’s home.

So here I sit, eager to Become Legend as a Guardian of the Last City on Earth. Eager to fight next to my new brothers. And it will be glorious!

When was the last time you were ever this excited?