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Blogging on an iPad

Anyone have much experience blogging while on the go?

While this post is coming straight from the WordPress iOS app on my iPad 4, I’m not entirely sold that it is the best solution for me. Sure it will work in a pinch – or if I have a post already lined up and just need to fine tune it – but it doesn’t occur to me to be representative of the web experience.

And in searching for alternative apps, it’s like I’m looking for a particular blade of grass in a lush field of green.

So what do you use? Or do you save your ideas and type ’em up once you’re at home? If that’s your route, what do you use to jot those ideas down?

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  1. Hope you are able to find something that works for ya, have you thought about getting a keyboard that goes with the ipad or find a cheap laptop?

    • I actually have a MacBook Air that I’ve used in the past, but find I’ve been carrying my iPad around more than it. And as I mentioned to Michael, picked up the keyboard in the summer – love it!

  2. Not iOS, but I’ve tried blogging on my Android tablet and my Android phone and I really don’t like typing on a touchscreen. Maybe a Bluetooth keyboard is better, but I much prefer typing on a “real” keyboard on a “real” computer. I keep track of post ideas with Google Tasks.

  3. I have tried blogging from my iPad but it’s just not the same as from my laptop. I use the Word Press app on my iPad and for reading other blogs and commenting, it’s fine. Blogging- not so much. I’ve written my blogs and saved them as drafts on the Word Press app and then waited until I got home to publish.

    • I would agree. I’m not expecting an experience similar to that of using a computer, but really hope there’s something out there. Seems that the Blogsy app has received some good feedback, so maybe I bite the bullet and spend $5.

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