Having used a MacBook Air for the better part of three or four years, I figure it is now time to consider an upgrade.

Now that’s not to say I have to make the switch today, but with $975 kicking around in a Personal Health Spending Account (of which half needs to be spent this year) there is some thought that I could put it to good use sooner than later.  It also makes the thousand dollar investment much more palatable.  On top of that, the company I work for also has an Employee Purchase Plan through Apple which gives me a modest discount to boot.

So here I sit on the Apple Store website with a decision – do I replace my current MacBook Air with a newer version?  Or do I go with a MacBook Pro to rock the world with?

While there are plenty of options available with either choice, I can’t make my mind up whether I want to go with the stock 13in 128GB MBA for $1033+tax or the stock 13in MBP for $1127+tax.  What has me thinking the MBA is the route to go is that I’m all about portability and can’t imagine carrying the larger MBP around.  That said, going Pro means I have a machine that packs a bit more punch and much more storage capacity.

So what do you do in my shoes?  Air or Pro?  Or do you hold off on spending the cash today and wait for Apple to launch better models in the near future?