Can you believe that I’ll be boarding a cruise ship in California in just a couple of weeks? I sure can’t.

Grand Princess

Courtesy of Mircea Gola

But you see, this will be the first time I’ve been on something bigger than a BC Ferry and I’m told that I shouldn’t consider the Queen of Surrey to a cruise ship.

So off to Twitter I went looking for some tips. And tips were exactly what my friend Dixon sent me. In fact, he sent me ten of them.

Wash my hands? No problem. My OCD side will take care of this. But as to tipping the steward/waiter – aren’t the gratuities already included? In fact, I thought I paid for them.

Considering Marnie and I were late to booking this cruise, I don’t think we’ll have much option to sit by our lonesome for dinner. And there’s no ports of call – the boat is re-positioning itself to Vancouver – so won’t be booking anything. Definitely good to know for our cruise to Hawaii in September though.

Hat, sunscreen and power bar. Done.

I wouldn’t have thought to ask that they EMPTY the mini-fridge. Good call! And what you mean I have to dress formally at some point? That sucks. I like my shorts.

Dude, have you seen the Terrace Pool on the Grand Princess? I’m going to be calling that home!
Terrace Pool on Grand Princess

Courtesy of Mircea Gola

I don’t even care if it’s cold outside – we’re sailing northwards on the Pacific in March so I imagine it will be – you’re going to find me enjoying this view for as many minutes as my wife will allow me!

But Dixon wasn’t the only one who had a tip to share. My friend Nicole had this beauty:

She knows me so well!

But I’m sure there are more tips out there to be had! For instance, is there anything about the Grand Princess I should know? Or Princess cruise lines in general?