Can you believe that I’ll be boarding a cruise ship in California in just a couple of weeks? I sure can’t.

Grand Princess

Courtesy of Mircea Gola

But you see, this will be the first time I’ve been on something bigger than a BC Ferry and I’m told that I shouldn’t consider the Queen of Surrey to a cruise ship.

So off to Twitter I went looking for some tips. And tips were exactly what my friend Dixon sent me. In fact, he sent me ten of them.
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Wash my hands? No problem. My OCD side will take care of this. But as to tipping the steward/waiter – aren’t the gratuities already included? In fact, I thought I paid for them.

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Considering Marnie and I were late to booking this cruise, I don’t think we’ll have much option to sit by our lonesome for dinner. And there’s no ports of call – the boat is re-positioning itself to Vancouver – so won’t be booking anything. Definitely good to know for our cruise to Hawaii in September though.

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Hat, sunscreen and power bar. Done.

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I wouldn’t have thought to ask that they EMPTY the mini-fridge. Good call! And what you mean I have to dress formally at some point? That sucks. I like my shorts.

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Dude, have you seen the Terrace Pool on the Grand Princess? I’m going to be calling that home!

Terrace Pool on Grand Princess

Courtesy of Mircea Gola

I don’t even care if it’s cold outside – we’re sailing northwards on the Pacific in March so I imagine it will be – you’re going to find me enjoying this view for as many minutes as my wife will allow me!

But Dixon wasn’t the only one who had a tip to share. My friend Nicole had this beauty:

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She knows me so well!

But I’m sure there are more tips out there to be had! For instance, is there anything about the Grand Princess I should know? Or Princess cruise lines in general?