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What To Do In Toronto?

As I continue my jet-setting ways during this spell of funemployment, I’ll find myself FINALLY visiting Toronto (apparently I can’t count stops at Pearson International as a visit) next week. That’s right, while I’ve been to Whitehorse and Halifax, Quebec City and Winnipeg, I’ve never found an opportunity to check out the “Big Smoke.” So I need your help – what do you I get up to while I’m there?

At the moment, my plans are to catch up with friends who’ve moved out east over the years, yet with three-and-a-half days in town I figure I’ll need to fill ’em with something.

The Stanley Cup

Courtesy of Jackman Chiu

Obviously as a red-blooded Canadian, no stop to Toronto is every complete without a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame. In fact, I’m pretty darn sure it will be my first stop on my trip – well, second considering I’ll need to check-in to my hotel and such. I’ll get to give Lord Stanley’s Cup a good look, maybe see what Pavel Bure’s plaque looks like up close, and maybe even bump into The Count… err… Gary Bettman so I can give him a piece of my mind.

But then there’s the small matter of the Canucks making the playoffs – where will I watch the games I’ll miss while on the road? Should I just camp out at the Real Sports Bar & Grill I hear so much about, or is there somewhere better?

Blue Jays Baseball at Rogers Centre

Courtesy of laurencehorton

And then there’s the Blue Jays! Would you believe I’ve never been to a major league baseball game ever? Sure I make sure to swing by the Nat to catch a Canadians game every season, but while an exciting brand, it’s not the show. Heck, even with such close proximity to a pro club down in Seattle, I’ve still never seen the big leagues so I can’t pass that opportunity up.

Heck, maybe I’ll take in a couple of games. Both the Tampa Bay Rays and Atlanta Braves pass through town while I’m there.

Lastly, there’s the CN Tower.

Yeah, the VERY tall CN Tower.

You see, I have this fear of heights and while I’ve visited landmarks that have challenged my comfort zone of having two feet firmly planted to the ground – hello London Eye – I’ve never done the fear factor thing on my own. Are there support buddies available? People to hold on to when fear tries to get the better of me? Or do I just suck it up and head to the top like a big boy? Oh the humanity.

Anywho, what other suggestions do all of you fine people have for me? While I’ll be staying downtown at the Hyatt and would like to get around by foot as much as I can – remember, I’m funemployed and all – if there’s an attraction I just can’t miss, I’m willing to make the effort to get there.

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  1. I live here! All fantastic ideas. If you don’t mind basketball, a Raptors game would also be fun. Niagara Falls is a super day trip..lots to do there, wine tours, the Falls, etc. Distillery District and Kensington market here are neat neighbourhoods to visit, and if there is a decent broadway show playing, perhaps that. The Hyatt is a great location in terms of theatre and places to eat! I recommend Big Daddy’s down that way… a great New Orleans themed bar! Let me know what else you might be looking for. Ripleys Aquarium is right down by the CN Tower, as well as boat cruises of the harbour for a fantastic view of the city. Hope that helps! Definitely do Niagara Falls if you get the time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m still bitter that the Grizz left Vancouver so not sure if I’m ready to catch a Raps game quite yet. And I’m glad you meant “Big Daddy’s” restaurant because I’m not sure my wife would be keen on me finding a Big Daddy in TO. Unless he’s rich and took care of us both. Then maybe she’d be down with it.

      I’d love to head to Niagara, but right now my longer-term plans are in a holding pattern as my friends get their timelines sorted our. Apparently the world doesn’t stop for lil’ ol’ me to visit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for swinging by and giving me some ideas though! Love ’em!

  2. *Big Daddys…. I meant restaurant!

  3. I hope you enjoy Toronto! If you like beer and/or oysters, try Bar Hop on King Street for buck-a-shuck Tuesdays…great local bar! Bannock has a nice Canadiana brunch. Soul music at Joe Mama’s. Trendy contemporary food at Weslodge. All of this is walking distance if you are at the King St Hyatt.

    • While I do enjoy beer, I’m like the only person on the west coast who has a thing against seafood (if it comes from the sea, it’s not for me) so Oysters are a deal breaker. But walking distance for all those places are definitive pluses!

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