When I discovered I was transitioning into the world of funemployment (or #funemployment as I’ve been apt to call it on social media), I set myself a timeline to ensure I gave my soul some time to heal and ensure I didn’t fritter away all my severance before finding the next big thing.

I wanted to travel, and travel I did. I went on a cruise, I rode a train, I spent time in Toronto and I just got back from England. Heck, I’ll be off to Calgary in a couple of weeks too.

I wanted to learn, so I signed up for Hootsuite University to help soothe my passion for social media and diligently set myself forward to better understanding the medium. And I can proudly say that I’m now a Hootsuite Certified Professional. And as I want to further my knowledge of the adult learning function, I’m starting to explore the world of design & development to supplement my understanding of facilitation & delivery.

Yet now it’s time to start that next transition. It’s time to look for that new opportunity. It’s time for me to commit to finding that next great opportunity and transition back into the world of being happily employed. (there’s more to read below)

I casually applied for positions over the past couple months that caught my eye. I turned down an offer for a great position as I thought, in fact I still believe, that an even better opportunity to be just around the corner. I’ve also been turned down for a role for being over-qualified, which I guess is somewhat better than being under-qualified. There have been phone calls and interviews. Yet at this moment, I’m still in the world of transition.

This short stretch of applications has also given me pause to consider how “out-of-shape” I am when it comes to interviews and applications. If I were to truly consider the last time I freely applied to a position, it’s been over eleven years and you can imagine how much “muscle” has atrophied during this time. Each phone conversation has been a warm-up to the next where I learn to better articulate the next time. Each interview has been work out to develop the muscle memory to carry forward even stronger to the second and third. Suffice to say, it’s been both stressful and rewarding.

So where does this leave me?

With my experience in adult learning over the past seven years, my desire is to remain in that field and continue the journey towards adult learning excellence. I’m also keen to continue growing as a leader to transition from good to great. I am positive I bring the knowledge, skills and abilities many employers would love to have and simply – if it ever is simple – need to find the right role, at the right time, and be in the right place to position myself as the right person.

If you’ve been where I am, what tips can you provide? And even if you haven’t, what would you do to help yourself find Fun Employment?

I would be remiss not to thank my friend Dave MacDonald for sharing the title of this post on Facebook and therefore giving me the idea behind this post.