With the proliferation of unauthorized credit card changes over the years, I guess you could say I’ve been relatively lucky. Sure I’ve had my fair share of calls from different financial institutions advising me that their crack team of security specialists have discovered something and therefore I need a new card. And while that’s always been a headache at the time, I’ve always appreciated that added sense of security when it comes to my money.

Unfortunately, today is the day that all changed.

A Collection of Credit Cards

Courtesy of frankleleon

While getting some of my financial house “tidied” this morning, I did my usual check of banking and credit card statements online to ensure I knew where I not only stood money wise, but to ensure that the charges were all legit. That’s right, even though I’d never had an issue, I’ve always tried to stay on top of everything to ensure I was always above water.

And that’s how I found it.

Two charges to Air Canada made just over a week ago to the tune of two grand and change! I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it! How had this happened?!

My first phone call was to Royal Bank, who advised me to contact Air Canada first and confirm if my suspicions were true. So off I went to Air Canada, who after about a five-minute wait looked into thinks and decided I had a case worth investigating. Information was exchanged and I was advised that someone from the finance department would call me.

I then made a second call to Royal Bank, this time to let them know the results of my call with Air Canada and to see what else needed to be done. Another five minutes of time spent and I was transferred to the security team who confirmed a few things with me, advised me to destroy my card and wait for the new one to arrive. The agent also said they would look into things further and to remain patient.

And now I wait.

All-in-all, it was a valuable fifteen minutes to spend from start to finish to resolve – heck, it’s my money and I don’t want to lose any of it. But the fact it happened does have me worried. Where did my card get compromised? What did I do that I would’ve done differently to protect myself further if I knew it was an issue in the first place?

I’m sure some of you have been in this same place before. How were you impacted? What did you do differently? What steps do you take to avoid such headaches in the future?