In about five months, you’ll be arriving to much fanfare. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I know that your Mom & I are super excited, so that’s what counts in my book. Your grandparents are already quite stoked, so you’re probably not going to have much down time once you get here. And lets not forget the rest of our family or friends who can’t be more happy for us too.

Heck, these are already exciting times and we haven’t reached the midway point to your arrival.

I’ve seen your first few pictures and considering how fun you’ve made things for the ultrasound technician, can’t wait until you keep us on our toes. And your heartbeat has come through loud & clear. That was the moment when everything became so clear to me that you’re on your way.

Each day closer we get to your arrival is another moment of happiness that will cherish. And once you’re here, we’ll get to make many more of those moments together and that makes me even more elated.

Baby Holding a Finger
I also find that as every day passes, I also find myself asking so many questions.

Will I do everything right? I’m pretty sure I won’t. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but you’re going to be a new experience for me & I’m the type to learn by doing. I’ll guarantee you I’ll try my hardest and learn from any mistakes I make.

Will I be a good father? I hope I am. It likely means I’ll need to remember to be the grownup in our relationship, yet this is another area that I don’t have too much experience in. Fortunately for you, I’ve been acting as a Good Times Uncle to your two cousins so I’m hoping I’ve learned something along the way.

There are so many questions. Will you have everything you’ll need? Will I know what to do when things happen? Will I know how to cheer you up when you’re sad?

Will I be able to provide you everything you’ll need to be happy & successful in life?

The good thing is I have a few more months to figure some of these things out. And once you’re here, maybe you’ll be able to help me out too. Sure, the first bit might be a little touch & go while you figure me out, but I really hope we make a good team. And we’ll have your Mom here too! She’s already got lots of experience taking care of me, so we can call on her expertise as needed.

I guess it’s time I let you get back to the whole growing thing. I’m told you used to be the size of an avocado and now you’re more like a grapefruit. I’m thinking you’ll be a different form of produce next week. You sure have changed how I look fruit & vegetables in the grocery store.

Rest assured I’ll keep in touch. I’ll probably have more questions for you. Don’t worry about having any of the answers. We’ll figure them out together.