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More Changes than David Bowie

For those that stop by outside of a feedreader, you will have noticed that I have moved away from the Rajbot theme that Jonic was kind enough to produce for me and have taken over the Pixeled theme coded up by samk.

The primary reason for the switch to was to ascertain if my recent feed problems (which were really not solved) were related to some outdated coding in Rajbot. I figured that with the recent changes to WordPress, that there may have been been a gremlin or two under the hood. I also figured that I would break two things for every one I fixed, so the easier solution seemed to be switching to a more recent theme. Anywho, it didn’t fix the problem after all so I simply disabled the FeedSmith plugin altogether.

I was going to switch back to Rajbot, but Pixeled had caught my eye and after it took me out for a drink at Starbucks, how could I say no? Anywho, I’ll keep the theme as my flavour of the season.

And because I may have caught a reader or two who was looking for David Bowie, here’s a video to tide you by.

Problems Solved

Having some spare time up on the Sunshine Coast visiting Marnie’s family, I was afforded the opportunity to try and figure out what was causing some of the ills here at LCBD.

The first problem seemed to be related to my use of ALLCAPS and the WP-Typogrify plugin. It appears that regardless of where the ALLCAPS content was found, the plugin was kind enough to insert which played havoc when I used them in titles, categories, and other such stuff. I’d like to think there is a way for me to fix this problem, but considering I have yet to figure out how to code by numbers (just like paint by numbers), it just wasn’t going to happen.

The other issue was related to the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin somehow not playing nicely with the feed on my site. I have no clue what was creating the problem or why it suddenly appeared, but in disabling the plugin, problem solved.

So there you have it. Something I could have fixed within minutes if I had only just thought it through. Go figure.

Chris Killed LCBD

Although I had planned on keeping touch with the two people who subscribe to my feed here at LCBD while I was visiting the UK, I encountered a problem after my last post that I found quite odd – it didn’t update in my own feed reader.

I didn’t think all too much about it, but then when I tried to publish another post, it wouldn’t publish. In fact, the post would simply clear as if it had published, but I couldn’t find a record of it anywhere. Not having the readily accessible internet connection in Skegness (or London for that matter), I thought I would look into things on my arrival home.

And that’s when I noticed that things were really messed up.

I could no longer locate my feed (still a problem and maybe related to code), saw that one of my categories was narfed in such a way I don’t know how to even come remotely close to fixing it (see the LCBD and Me category below?), and posting was still a problem. My first thought was I had done some damage during an upgrade to WP or something along those lines, so I did a complete re-install. As I’m posting today, this has fixed my posting problem but the other two exist.

Anywho, the point is I will be sporadically posting over the next while as I try to fix the problem on my own. Not having much of an idea of what I’ll be doing, I apologize in advance for those people who do stop by if they see some garbage and whatnot. But if you’re a superstar and know lots of stuff, I’d also be super grateful for any help you can provide!

WordTwit Plugin Problems

I don’t know what it is, but trying to learn how to code is much more difficult than it was a few years back. This is why I ask all of you (the three of you that stop by) what might be going on here:

Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in ../wp-content/plugins/wordtwit/wordtwit.php on line 34

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at ../wp-content/plugins/wordtwit/wordtwit.php:34) in ../wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 770

I’m currently trying to use the WordTwit plugin to post my updates as part of my twitter feed and any time I click the Publish button, the next page I’m greeted with is the above error. Any suggestions?


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