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Back to the Future is Here!

If you’re a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy like I am, you know that October 21, 2015 holds a special place in every fans heart. Why you ask? Because it’s the day Doc takes Marty to the future!

Geez, what kind of fan are you?

Back In Time//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

To celebrate Back to the Future, a number of brands have created some marketing collatoral representing their “future” products as original depicted in the movie. And they are awesome!

The Hoverboard

Pepsi Perfect

Jaws 19

And while it’s still possible the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series, it’s interesting how we can look back to see how much of the future was “predicted.”

Or better yet, why not let Doc Brown and Marty McFly do that for us?

What is your favourite Back to the Future moment? And what are you doing to celebrate? Oh look, we’re OUTATIME!

I Watched This: Furious 7

Maybe it was fitting that I saw Furious 7 last weekend with family. Because that’s what this one is all about.

Let’s be clear.

I’m a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise. Sure 2 Fast 2 Furious was a little different and Tokyo Drift didn’t make as much sense until the end of Fast 6, but there’s something inherently enjoyable about these simple movies that reinforce the simple message that family is important. So take what I say next with some understanding.

Furious 7 was outstanding!

Cast of Furious 7

Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

As mentioned above, the ending of Fast 6 introduces Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw who is out to avenge the severe “longest runway in the world” beat down of his brother by the Fast & Furious crew. Add in a little Mr. Nobody (know in the real world as Kurt Russell) and a mythical device called the God’s Eye and we have a couple of story lines to follow.

Enough story to make the movie outstanding? No. But none of us were there for that as it was.

Furious 7 - Vin Diesel

Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

We were there to watch the high-speed chases. The serious stunts and effects. Maybe even a Rock Bottom. But there was also a little tug at the heart-strings on the side. And I think that’s what got to me.

With the sudden passing of Paul Walker in 2013, while the movie was still in production, it’s obvious director James Wan had to smooth down a few rough edges to make the movie work. But that didn’t matter much to me either.

Again, it was the tug at the heart-strings.

Without spoiling much, I can tell you that he did right by Paul Walker. Instead of sending his character Brian O’Connor back to the garage, Wan kept Walker tightly woven through most of the film. And if I wasn’t trying to pay as close attention throughout the entire movie, I probably wouldn’t have known that something was up.

But that wasn’t all.

There was the ending. The tying together of loose strings. The last ride. In fact, if any one of you could point out a better send off, I’d be surprised.

So if you haven’t seen Furious 7, go see it. And for those of you who have, what did you think? Does this take top spot in the list of franchise editions or is it a solid second. Can’t be any lower than that, can it?

No way.

How can we not talk about family, when family’s all that we got? Everything I would do, you were standing there by my side. And now you gon’ be with me for the last ride. – Wiz Khalifa, “See You Again”

Freebies from Google

While Google isn’t going to give you $5k for sharing this post with all your friends, you can still cash in on a couple of decent freebies as part of Google Play’s 3rd Birthday Bash!

First, you have the “original” Transformers movie which is good for an hour or so of time-wasting. Yes I know it’s not the original, but it is the first in the Michael Bay series:

And after you’ve watched the movie, you can kick back and listen to Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” album:

Both of these purchases are currently free (at least in the Canadian Google Play store) and I’ve got no clue for how long. Go cash in now! Now!


Seriously.  Who’s not excited about this?  Sure it’s years away, but still!

(H/T to Geek. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat.)


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